At Moomba, we don’t just make boats. We make the reason you get out of bed in the morning and the things you dream about at night. We get you through your 9-5 and give you a reason to feel alive, and make big sets and bigger air possible. It’s a boat designed to grow with your ambitions. To be used and put through its paces. Asked to deliver time and time again. At Moomba, we make more than boats. We make a lifestyle. Find yours.

True innovation doesn’t happen overnight. In fact, it happens over 25 years. In our decades long search to give riders the very best in wakeboarding and wakesurfing technologies, we’ve learned you can still have just as much fun without the unnecessary frills.

With the most standard features in the industry, you’ll already have everything you need to own your day on the water. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop at the standards. Customize yours with our list of add-on features to make your Moomba yours.

Moomba is manufactured by Skier’s Choice, the fastest growing manufacturer in the inboard segment of the marine industry. Located in Maryville Tennessee, Moomba employs over 200 experts that are responsible for the building two lines of inboard boats, Moomba & Supra.