Where Passion Meets Precision

It’s easy for towboat makers to stake claims across an industry fighting for the same titles. At Supra ™, we see things a little differently. Instead of touting our innovations as champion among the noise of every other brand, we hinge our reputation on a simple concept that can’t be skewed —proof. Everything we believe, everything we build and everything we release to the water adds up to far more than ink on a page. It adds up to the experience.

Our actions are our words. Each of our fine details say as much about us as our whole. It all leads to a place that separates us from the rest —Where Passion Meets Precision. It’s like an inspiring painting. Or a captivating piece of music. It’s art. And though a Supra ™ won’t be on display at a gallery near you anytime soon, these boats have a brilliant ability to make icons out of the passionate riders who ride behind them.